Libery's does LFW

The excitments mounts as we are only four days away from London Fashion Week! 

My first day as a Christopher Raeburn Intern had me on my feet for 12 hours straight (Literally!), and while the tasks didn't exactly require much brain power it was still a lot of fun; meeting new people and experiencing work in a fashion label. Next was my Apple appointment, and I definately needed cheering up after this, so I ventured down to Liberty for some window gazing.

To celebrate the opening of London Fashion Week 2013 on Friday 13th, Liberty London has launched a series of new window installations.
These brilliant and beautifully creative displays feature the Autumn/Winter ranges of British fashion designers including the likes of Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood. 

I'm loving bold red borders and contrasting urban grey background, it just makes the clothes 'pop'.

Lots more to come this week so keep your eyes peeled...

Tan xx



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