LFW Day 1 - Christopher Raeburn SS14


 Time to celebrate the madness that is London Fashion Week, and the only way to do it is with great style.

Sadly as an intern  I wasn't able to take as many photo's as I would have liked, but it does mean that I've got photo's from behind the scenes of yesterdays Christopher Raeburn Show to share with you.

Interning has definitely been an experience I won't forget, not only because it will take me weeks to catch up  on sleep (or lack of!), but I have also been able to see how a design studio works and exactly what being a designer would entail. One of my highlights would be the day before show, it all gets very exciting, with sample pieces sorted and final checks done, it's time for the details like model castings, and hair and make-up testing. Lucky me was chosen for hair testing, with hair dresser Stephen Low from L'oreal, and although it underwent a last minute restyle in the actual show, it was a lot of fun. 

  They have some great pieces, my favourites being those made from parachute and their use of interesting fabrics and techniques but nothing too is outrageous or different.

Working LFW was such a great experience and although you may think being a dresser is easy, think again! Dressing someone else is hard enough, but under pressure to get your model out on time, with two people tugging at every limb, thinking about buckles ands zips etc., at the same time as not destroying hair, make-up, and samples....well it doesn't get any easier!

 Tan xx

P.S With very little time to get you some pictures, nearly everything was snapped on my phone so sorry for any blurry pics x



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