Bright Young Things 2013

For those of you that have walked past selfridges recently, you may have noticed new window installations taken over, once again, by the Bright Young Things. Every year Selfridges selects a small group of specially chosen designers, considered to be "the Uk's most exciting rising stars", to feature their collection not only in the iconic window displays, but in The Concept Store. It never fails to amaze me just how many of oxford streets pavement pounders are drawn in by those oversized windows, stopping in their tracts to eyeball each perfectly executed concept. The exposure they are getting is that golden opportunity that everyone is searching for, nd for this lucky bunch, it could lead to anything from future shows, collections, sposorship and more...

You are mistaken if you think they are all about fashion, they have been hand picked from across the board, from fashion and jewellery, to animation and food. The Concept Store is home to all the products/collections created by the featured designers, so you have to pop in. 

Customer interest was only increased when Selfridges decided to also dedicated it's calendar to the Bright Young Things 2013. Events are running throughout the month till October 10th, with everything from digital techniques on lurex, marbel painting, a hat party, confectionary goodies and much more. Too bad all of this is happening during Fashion Month, I just managed to catch the end of Sarah Williams' workshop, of Williams British Handmade, teaching the art of leather box covering. 

If you can peel your eyes away from the catwalk, get yourselfs down there. It seems the Class of 2013 has topped them all, so it's worth a look...


Tan xx

P.S With my Christopher Raeburn internship I'm going to miss the fun so don't forget to share your pics/stories with me....would see what you got up to ;)



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