Savy Shopper - East End Thrift Shop

Yesterday I ventured down to Brick Lane and decided to find The East End Thrift shop, I’ve heard so much about....I’m glad I did!
Well hidden at the end of a small delivery passage and dressed in concrete, it doesn’t exactly scream ‘in-fashion’, I suppose it lets the vintage do the talking! The East End Thrift Store acts as a warehouse for all things vintage that don’t quite cut it for concessions, but don’t let that fool you, they are plenty of well hidden, well priced gems in the endless rails of ‘stuff’. 

The store is sectioned into two, the bigger of the two holding the ‘jumble’ items where their ‘fill-a-bag’ rule apply. You basically get a bag for £10 and fill it with as much as you can. The smaller half has single priced items, new or in better condition, or a more valuable (but not expensive)....head up, you’ll find the head turning pieces here!! Not personally my taste but they have some amazing things you probably won’t find anywhere else for that price!

Tan xx



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