Pink to Punk - A/W13 Fashion Trends

Go Large
Big is finally considered beautiful this season! Volume is turned to the max as designers make outerwear suitable for giants, pilling on the layers, securing everything with huge fastenings to match. Graphic silhouettes and dropped shoulders are a big feature, focusing on creating curved lines rather than harsh structure.

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham
Must have's: Cocoon coat / Billowing Skirts / Wide Leg Trousers

Do it in Pink

Dusky Pink is this seasons it colour as we saw it appear more than a few collections last season. Another big colour contender is Royal Blue and with Camel, which has made its come back from AW10.

John Rocha
Topshop Unique
Must have: Dusky Pink Coat

Femme Fatale

Nightwear and underwear become outerwear as models strut their stuff in silky negliges and camisoles.

Marc Jacobs
Louis Vuitton
Must have: Camisole Vest


Go bold! Fasten with attitute as designers pull a wealth of insipration from punk / grunge. Plaids, mohair, fishnets, boots, and zips feature everywhere.

Saint Laurent
Must have: Plaid

Top Prints

In keeping with the Rebel trend this season, Tartan wins every print contest, Hands Down!
Sexy camoflage is also doing its best to get noticed, muscling in on evening wear, in silks and midnight blues.

Clements Ribeiro
Michael Kors
Must have: Everything Tartan


A key feature iver the next few months, especially teamed with bold accessories, belts and jewellery to be specific. Done best when pairing chunky jumpers with silky tops and trousers.

Sass & Bide
Must have: Statement Acccesories   


Time to raid your boyfriends wardrobe....but don't be upset when he's in yours!
Along with the oversized, this season brings with it playful proportions and stong masuline hints of suit jacket dresses and double-breasted pinstripe coats.

Stella McCartney
Must have: Menswear

London has been exceptionally lucky this year, with a surprisingly long and hot summer! However, it seems autumn managed to creep up on us once again with a sudden and unexpected wet and windy week.
With the reveal of Spring/Summer 2014 collections during Fashion Week I was actually going to do a SS/14 trends post, but with autumn now upon us, I thought it would make more sense to recap this seasons (AW13) trends as we prepare the cold and wet weather that inevitably lies ahead...

...chin up, it's the perfect excuse for a shopping spree (well that's how I'm convincing myself)! :)

Tan xx



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