Biker Jacket

Jacket - Warehouse / Top - H&M / Jeans - Toyshop / Trainers - Puma

Everyone has that one friend who seems able to pull off even the craziest trend. 

                                                Her secret?    
                                                                                                    My solution:    
                                                                                                                    A leather jacket!

If there was ever any one item of clothing to get you though life, the leather jacket would be it! Not only does it just ooze cool from every stitch and seam, but it's one of the classic "throw-on-and-go" wardrobe pieces that never fail you. Perfect for those moments where insecurities need defending and confidence a little oomph! This is one you can afford to splurge on because its something that when cared for will last a lifetime, and hey whats the odd scratch and blemish on a cuff or collar but a story to tell or memory to relive.

I only wish I'd know this earlier because it would have avoided many an awkward moment....

All I need now is a motorbike and I'm ready to roll!
Tan xx



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