LFW Day 2 - Palmer Harding SS14

Catwalk Photos Courtesy of Vogue

Yesterday I have the pleasure of working for Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding of Palmer//Harding. These guys are just amazing, and I got to meet loads of people including one of my favourite bloggers, making Day 2 the best of my LFW13 experience so far. 
Not only are they lovely but so is their entire team, making for a very exciting and positive environment to be consumed in....not sure anyone will top this, Thank-you!

Enough about all that and time for their collection. Known for continual evolution of the white shirt, transforming it into beautifully, elegant creations. Moving away from the resrtictive process of making pieces to fit the body, they focused more on fluidity and the loosly fitted. The concept behind the SS14 collection was 'caught in the rain' looking at how shirts change on the body, with parts of it sticking to you, when you're caught in the rain. We were treated to controlled volume, textured layers, and billowing caped shirt sleeves cleverly cuffed by snap bracelets. Very Clever!!

Not only was the theme synonnymous with the collection, but was an element they brought into every aspect of their show, from set design, hairstyle (Stephen Low) and even the scent permeating from the theatre. 

The set was incredible! Unlike most designers that are restricted by a catwalk at the BFC Showspace, their show was held at the Platform Theatre of CSM with strategically placed scafolding poles hanging (well, supported) from the ceiling above, reminding me so what of drain pipes. As guested walked into the theatre, they were greeted with the distinct smell of summer rain acompanied by the all to familiar sound of a down pour, with lighting designed to mimick the sun streaming through the clouds. a refreshing drink from Snow Queen Vodka also help calm any pre show nerves. 

The atmosphere radiating from the CSM building last night was infectious. Injected with energy, enthusiasm and personality, it was clear that Levi and Matthew really had thought though every tiny detail, making this much more than just your average fashion show. Left inspired, it won't be one I will forget!

More photo's of the collection on Vogue
Also check my Instagram: @tanushrid for a video of their catwalk and backstage pics


Tan xx



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