Gifted Graduate

images courtesy of Christopher Moore LTD

Sometimes, someone somewhere creates something so beautifully amazing that it not only takes your breath away, but it consumes all your thoughts with the sense of wonder and exitement....
For me this usually happens at fashion week or graduate shows when a designer pulls a out collecion that no one expected, and it happened to me when knitwear graduate, Yuki Hagino's releaved her BA Final collection back in May!

It may have been because origami always leaves me in awe, or just because I love the simplicity of minimalism, but Yuki Hagino's collection is definitely something special and has recently been named as 'one to watch', and for good reason.

Originally starting off as an architecture student in Japan, she ended her education in fashion, drawn to CSM for the degree of freedom it offered. It had much limited restrictions in comparison to architecture, allowing her to be able to find herself as both a designer and an artist.

She begun with white cotton, column dresses, sculpting them with intricately folded stiff vinyl material and embellished with knit. Through this she has achieved excitement and intrigue between the contrast of the soft innocence of cotton with the harsh rigidity of plastic. Love it! Not only has this insipired me, but it also come with the realisation that I need to buckle down and get some work done.


Tan xx



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