Sunday Polish: Cutting Corners

 Essie - Blanc 
Essie - Orange it's Obvious!
Essie - Bobbing for Baubles

Far from cutting corners, this one takes a serious amount of time and concentration so get ready for an entire nails day hehe ;) You may have see this here, on Thursday's outfit post 

With a white base, apply sellotape to create triangles or straight edges exposed. This is where the orange polish will go. It's important that you start with day old polish so the sellotape doesn't destroy the white base colour. 
Peel the tape off straight after painting each hand so that it does not life the  colour off with it as it dries, but be careful not to damage your cuticles (as i did) when removing the tape.

I painted on the blue triangles free hand with the edge of the nail polish brush so only needed to wait an hour or two for the orange to dry. 
If you have a shaky hand, wait at least 3/4 hours before using sellotape to apply the blue polish.

I've done my best to photograph each stage so it's a clearer how-to so hope it helps explain.

Tan xx



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