"Buy less, choose well"

"Buy less, choose well"
Vivienne Westwood

Last year Vivienne Westwood spoke up about our current obsession with needing absolutely everything....and she's right! 
We buy buy buy, but happens to all the things we no longer want or use? 

I'll tell you. They simply accumulate till we are faced with that oh so familiar dilemma of staring at an over expanding wardrobe thinking "I have nothing to wear".  
There's nothing wrong with wanting new things, but it's time we make better decisions regarding purchases. Instead of buying six pieces you really like, why not spend a little more and get one thing you absolutely love. In most cases if you really do love it now, you'll probably love it forever. :)
This dress is just that. A truly treasured piece. 
Not only is it a definite eye catcher in an stunning print, but it is also the very first dress I got made from a chitenje, and a small reminder of my amazing time in Malawi. I would not give this up for anything in the world, and providing I still fit in a few years to come, I can guarantee I will still be wearing it.

This is something I try my best to live by and despite being my office being directly outside a huge shopping centre, It's easier than you think, I promise. It doesn't mean you have to live in plain Jane, simplicities. I do, but that's just a style choice ;)
You simply learn to mix and match your garments a little better. This gives unlimited outfit options (well almost) and leaves you with a few more pennies in your pocket to enjoy the odd coffee date with friends, which I have to admit I probably do far to often!
Maybe you'll join me in my aim to "Buy less, choose well" for 2015! 


Tan xx



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