Sunday Polish: Monochrome Cut-Out

Essie - Blanc
Barry M - Black

Monochrome cut-out clearly named on it characteristics, this one was a little tricky but leaves a brilliant effect. 
I thought about getting the nude section with nude polish but you can't really get a better suited nude nail shade than your own nail right?!

Taping off the sections with either strips of nail tape or corners of sellotape, simply paint your polishes on top and peel back carefully before it dries. the triangles and straight diagonal lines are easy, the fiddle-ly but comes with the rectangle centre. Apply an entire rectangle strip that hangs off the edge of the nail. The fall base should end near the bottom of the nail to create the rectangles base. Paint the nail, peel off the tape and using a steady hand, paint the tip with the edge of the nail varnish brush.

Finito. You are left with Fab cut out nails.

Keep Smiling,
Tan xx



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