White out

H&M - Shirt
H&M - White Jeans
Zara - Loafers

We were so lucky to have such fabulous weather the other weekend, there's no photo filter nearly as flattering as a little sunshine. There's also no better way to celebrate the fabulous weather other than with a similarly fabulous outfit.

Currently looking like I jump from one extreme, in all black, to the complete opposite, in all white. Bright whites always make brilliantly beautiful outfits no matter what the season, and I have understandably fallen in love with this one.
An easily achieved flattering and free look I'm sure you'll all agree?! I was going for casually impressive but still super comfy for an all day catch up over Alice in wonderland tea and cake, followed by dinner with the ladies. (Although white is probably not the best idea when cooking is involved!) 
I had such a fun time. 

Take care,
Tan xx



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