Sunday Polish - White Christmas

Essie - Blanc
New Look - Gold 
New Look - Gold Glitter 

A special one dedicated to a (hopefully) white Christmas to come. 
I Absolutely LOVE this look. It's the perfect, pretty, wintry Christmas nail. Don't you think?!
Sorry guys I have used nail tape again, but remember if you don't have any you can always use strips of sellotape as a substitute. 
I always try any make nail art as easy as possible so you guys, or newbies can achieve it as easily as I do. This one's pips ;)

Using nail tape, or sellotape, mark off a triangle in the centre of your nails.
 If you also want the random strips in the middle of the triangle, then tape two strips randomly across the triangle and paint over in gold. 
Be very careful when removing the tape however do this when the polish is still wet as it will help give a clean edge. 
Removing when dry becomes hard, may damage the polish and leave a raised edge.

11 Days to go . . . 

Tan xx



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