Naughty or Nice?!

Topshop - Long Sleeve Crop
H&M - Gold Necklace
ASOS - Midi Skirt
Mango - Culottes
Linzi - Heels

Have you been Naughty or Nice this year?

Nice I hope, but I guess we all have to break the rules now and again ;) !!
 Versatility is key when it comes to managing your wardrobe (or rail in my case). I recently underwent a wardrobe rehab in the attempt to clear out the ton of pieces I no longer use or love. As a blogger, although it is important to keep things new and fresh, I also recognise that aside from my life on #StreetAndRail, I also like in the everyday like you guys so it's important to be able to easily change up my looks, and mix and match different pieces.  

Changing your look doesn't have to be complicated. I've styled this Black Topshop crop completely differently in each look, going from nice and pretty to a naughty edge.
Starting the day in this pretty skirt, subtle understate makeup and tussled curls meant this looks was easily transformed for dinner with the girls. My curls has dropped out by late afternoon so it was a centre part, berry red lips and a run of eyeliner which really made the difference... well that and the outfit change. Like I said, Simple. but which do you prefer...

Naughty or Nice??


Tan xx



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