Sunday Polish - Christmas Snowflakes

Essie - Thigh High 
Essie - Blanc 

Christmas seems to bring out the infectious childish cheer within me, every single year without fail. With a huge family things are anything but running smoothly or quite, something I'm really thankful for....where's the fun in a quite Christmas! Saying that, with most of the family lounging along the beautiful shorelines of Mauritius, looks like Christmas is going to be just that, quite and cosy, leaving plenty of time to paint my nails, between the mountains of edible treats and Christmas movies of course ;)
This simple, yet subtly sparkly red snowflake nail is set to top off my steam of Christmas inspired Sunday polish nail posts. I love this one and I bet you can all guess what I'm wishing for...


Have a absolutely Wonderful Christmas!!!

Tan xx 



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