Merry Christmas xx

Merry Christmas All!

If you're as impatient as me on Christmas morning, I'm sure that you've already torn open all of your presents to reveal plenty of treats and full from an indulgent breakfast, but already dreaming of the mouth watering festive feast yet to follow.
Aside from the Christmas parties, It's been a quiet, cosy three-man Christmas this year for me, mum and sister. Despite feeling a little low in numbers we've not lost any of the festivities. Still getting all glammed up like we have somewhere to be, and bustling around the kitchen like we're cooking for the army that is our family.... only on a slightly smaller scale hehe. Not to worry though, we still manage to get up to plenty of mischief thought the day... 

Hope you enjoy this one!
Christmas Kisses,

Tan xx

P.S Warning! Please Do Not try this at home!!! Electrical safety precautions where taken in the execution of this post.



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