Sunday Polish - New Year Cornered

Essie - Berry Hard
New Look - Gold Glitter Polish 

As usual christmas has whizzed passed (hope yours was as good as mine), and we are anticipating what the new year will bring. Both good and bad alike I'm sure, but lets not forget that without one would not be the other, so we embrace whatever life may have in store for us.

For the mean time, we just need to worry about getting all dolled up ready to greet the new year with open arms as it rolls in. 
Still in the festive/Christmassy mood I thought I would stick to the classic red and gold combo. This one is super simple to save the seconds during this hectic holiday. 
Berry hard is one of my Essie favourites where their deeper shades of red are concerned. Rich in colour, left with a luxurious shine. This is done on day old polish to avoid damaging the base colour, in this case Berry Hard. I diagonal lined nail tape across the corners and painted over the corners…
One quick swipe with Seche Vite, and your ready to party the night away.


Tan xx



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