September - Burberry LFW

Twice a year, a frantic wave of exhilaration and activity consumes a small portion of the world. It invokes that all too familiar feeling of feverish excitement and anticipation for the whirlwind that is fashion week. 
Every season is as intoxicating as the last and will be the source of endless inspiration through an imaginative mix of shapes, lines, colours, textures, themes…. 
Fashion week is a truly unique experience! One that I try my hardest to fully immerse myself in. By the end has me bubbling with reams of motivation and endless streams of creativity. 

Burberry // 
The SS17 September collection is unlike another. In a digital world, Burberry is leading the way in a new era of instant fashion with a “see-now, buy-now” collection. 
In the spirit of change they hosted this years collection in Makers House, a disused bookshop hidden within the side streets of Soho. Led by an orchestra, models made their way down the opulent olive carpet, wrapped in a divinely decadent collection. Surprising with such a quick turnaround time. 

“Thoughts are divine”

Soft furnishings made for impressive detailing, with curtain tassel coats, carpet printed pyjama silks and pastel velvets. Led by themes in the novel Orlando, this is an almost gender fluid collection, designed to accept garments for what they are with ruffles, military finishes and elaborate prints applied across all pieces. 

Burberry has completely changed my thoughts and feelings towards the brand within the minutes that it took to unveil a single collection.

(Belated) Fashion Week Kisses,
Tan xx



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