Riad Relaxation

As you may have hinted from a post ago, September was rather busy. I spent the entire month speeding ahead at 100 miles a minute with what felt like anchors permanently attached to each leg.
Juggling a new job, revision, exams, holiday planning, fashion week and consistent blog material, with the daily dramas of life has been pretty intense to say the least, but alas it only feel like the end of the world in the moment ….and woohoo I survived!! 

Given that, It's not been all bad... there's definitely been more than a few September peaks. Marrakech probably being up there with the highlights (but that's no surprise). It’s funny how a simple change in scenery, and a dose of sunshine, is enough to transport you to holiday mode in a matter of minutes. Ill timed, but no less welcome. 

P.S. its much easier to relax when your staying in a Riad as beautiful as ours. 

Tan xx



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