Cold Shoulder

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How's it going everyone? I'm having one of those weeks where you just plaster on a smile and get yourself though - what can I say, I'm human!! Probably helped by the fact that I managed to drop my phone *Smashing* (quite literally :| ). Only a matter of time with these slippery fingers, but i've not let that stop me teehee. My insta-feed has been bombarded by the extraordinary beauty of Marrakech, if you've been following you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

I digress...
Till recently I've been on the fence about off the shoulder tops, however my shoulders have joined my fingers, adopting that slippery appeal. I'm enjoying giving off the shoulder tops some well deserved attention specially with the temperature dropping at the rate it is. Time to get those tanned summer shoulders out while you still can... not that the cold ever deters me - the girls will back me up on this one ;) 

......hang in there! Nearly the weekend.
Tan xx



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