The summer beauty regime is one that is rarely changes. It has everyone chasing that spectacular summer shine through dewy finishes and radiating highlights. It’s never far from a struggle when darting about the underground. Hopping on and off the stuffy un-air-conditioned tube will do wonders for the sweaty glistening glow without the need for an array of high shine pigments.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with relying on a bit of sweat to achieve the shine, I thought I’d still share some of my favourites.

Benefit Sun Beam  //  Mineralize Skinfinsh  //  Nars Copacobana Illuminator

Tips // 
No need to apply your highlight in the usual fashion – the purpose of make-up is multipurpose!Using a balm or liquid based highlight, create an illuminating layer under your foundation for a ‘natural’ all over radiance.This also means its elongates your highlighters lifespan to all year long…
Why limit your inner glow to summer?

Simply Magical
Tan xx

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