As time goes on, I continue to reassess how much I actually need when travelling. 

After pushing the boat out on a 5 week dream trip to Australia over Christmas and new year, I promised myself that on my return I would do little trips, more often and closer to home.
True to my word, I’ve added Edinburgh, Madrid, Portugal and even a wedding weekend in the Welsh Brecons to my list of places explored. 
That's a fair few and the year’s not even over…

What with flights and buses and general navigation issues that accompany exploring a new place, an adaptable wardrobe in a carry on bag is always the best option. When packing you should try to pick essential and wearable pieces so you have lots of choice when wardrobe-drama strikes.

I’ve slowly got better at condensing the essentials down to hand luggage only. Quite the achievement when you see how many toiletries and electricals I need to survive. My biggest tip is to start early and figure out the best mix-and-match options, made up of your most wearable pieces. 
....that and be sure to check the enmities your accommodation provides so you can rule out a towel ;)

Ready... Set.... Take Off....
Tan xx



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