Girly Getaway

Travel is an exciting mix of adventure, planning, learning and, lets be honest, in some cases it can be a little stressful. It’s those little things that when shared, can only edge your friendships further. Every time I go away with friends I come back a whole lot richer, not just having learnt so much about them, but myself also. It's different to travelling with family who you already know inside out.
Most recently life seems to have gotten in the way of making time to catch some of my nearest and dearest. A girly getaway would be the perfect excuse to get away from all those distractions! Clear my mind and recharge in the sunshine, surrounded by great company ready for those big decisions waiting for me back home!! 
Lucky for me, I'm in the midst of packing for just that ...a girly getaway! I'm off with the wonderful Rosie, to visit a friend with whom the distance has been too far, for too long. About time I hop onto the next plane to Portugal to fix that.... just so happens that plane is tomorrow! (eek we'd better get sorted!)

Be it friends you've known forever, or those you've just met, now’s the time to plan your next girls trip (or guys trip, for my male followers)! 

Its sure to be a truly magical journey, one I'll be sharing myself, soon!
Tan xx



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