Postcards from Portugal

Just what I needed!

I come back to you feeling refuelled, refreshed and rearing to go after an absolutely incredible week in Portugal. A quick escape is sometimes the best only medicine you need in order to clear your mind, regather your thoughts and come back with the best plan of attack. 

After a week solely dedicated to shade-bathe-ing by the beach, admiring the architecture and surrounding myself in nature (minus that Humongous spider!), there’s little else I could have wished for. 

As imagined, its been made up of endless belly-aching laughs and insightful conversations alike, with friends I can only describe as family. You know you have a special bond when you can go over two years with minimal contact and pick-up where you left off. It’s as though no time had pasted at all! 
One of many girly getaways I’m sure, but full of memorable moments nonetheless. 

As always the camera was on hand to capture it all…

If you haven’t been to Portugal already, you’ll soon be booking your flights.

Happy Snapping,
Tan xx



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