Tip-Top Rooftops

Sunglasses - PradaSilk Blouse - H&MWhite Jeans - H&MWatch - Follie Follie 

One of the things I enjoy the most here in London, (and everywhere else in the world) is a tip top roof top! Clearly there are a few like-minded because the best are surrounded by a swarm of weekending sun-seekers followed by a not so welcoming queued entry. Passing the time couldn't get any easier and nothing sends the afternoon flying into the evening faster than the company of great friends ....or family in my case! (Shout out to my flurry of female cousins and that fabulous sister of mine). Few cocktails in the sky and were set for a spectacular evening of people watching and giggles. 

No so long ago we happened to discover the perfect location for a secret escape in the sky - nothing at all like the standings room only equivalents. The sky lounge in Tower Hill was the perfect chilled Sunday sipping on cocktails and coffee alike and taking in that ever changing, but no less impressive skyline that is London!    
Don’t you just love how summer brings out everyone's all smiling all happy, bubbly side. Perfect time to meet and greet a stranger ;)

A simple "Hi", goes a long way…

Tan xx



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