Sunday Polish - Wearing My Hear on My Nails

Essie - Need A Vacation 
Essie - Blanc

Hope you had an amazing Valentines Day. I'm going pretty in pink. Cute, girly favourite in time to share the love with you all...

Such a gorgeous shade of pink! Need a Vacation, along with Flawless are my two favourite pastel pinks from Essie. 
Not to worry about getting the perfect heart, it is much easier than you think.
Dot two small drops of polish on your nail side by side leaving a small gap in-between. This is create the two rounded tops of the heart. Next using a toothpick, softly drag the excess down from each drop of polish so they meet in the small gap that you left to create the point. From the outside corners drag down diagonally to make  the bottom point and fill any empty spaces with a little more white polish. 

All done & ready for the week ahead!


Tan xx



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