Sunday Polish: Golden Angles

Rimmel - Soul Session
Essie - Tie the Knot 

You may recognise this look from a very similar one I did during last seasons fashion week, White Cut Out. I loved it so much I thought I would try another variation, this time using a very natural and subtle base with a golden overlay.
I absolutely adore Rimmel's Sole Session. It is so natural and leaves the perfect hue radiating from your nails, perfect it you have slightly irregular colour to your natural nails.
Subtle but pretty I think ;)

I start by painting the base the day before I intend to paint the gold on top so it does not peel as I use sellotape to create the sharp edge to the gold polish (shown in the first picture). Super simple, I hope even more so with the help of the first picture.
I left the tape on for the purpose of the picture, but be sure to peel off each piece of sellotape as you finish each nail to get a clean finish. If you leave it too long it will leave a raised edge and may peel slightly.

Happy Sunday 

Tan xx

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