Maybelline The Falsies Mascara Review

No Masacra. 

1 Coat of Maybelline The Falsies
2 Coats 
3 Coats - Full Effect  

Probably one of the most personal products in any beauty bag. I could sit here and rave about the amazing wonders of this mascara (which I will, in a minute), but chances are half of you will find it to be the complete opposite. This simply falls down to the fact that everyone is looking for something  different from their mascara... thickening, lengthening, strengthening, curling... the list goes on. Couple this with the endless application techniques (each to their own, I'm sure), and you've suddenly got a product that works very differently for each user. Lots to consider . . . 

Personally, I love it!!! 
My main ask from a mascara is to lift and lengthen, closely followed by slightly thickening and curling lashes so not to appear spidery. Not only does this tick all the boxes, but it is super affordable. Like most mascara's, this reaches its peak performance a few weeks after opening as the formula has had a chance to thicken slightly, which allows it to hold and dry in place a lot quicker ;)
Two to three coats provides perfect coverage, and although this can be a little flakey at first this soon sorts itself after the first weeks of usage when the formula thickens. The curved brush enables you to coat your lashes right from the root as well as cover every inch of lash using the flat side with slightly deeper bristles.

What do you guys look for in a mascara?
Anyone else love this one? or maybe hate it?


Tan xx



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