January's Footsteps

Shoe's seem to be the bane of my life. 
I have narrow, average-sized feet, with small heels and skinny ankles, aka a shoe shopping nightmare. Teamed with the fact that I am uber picky, finding shoes I like that actually fit is virtually impossible. All of my heels are hiding heel-grips to stop them slipping off, flats tend to be too wide, and well don't get me started on getting tall boots to fit my calves... 
Hay ho, it's just one of those things and I know I'm not the only one suffering. On the up side, I have found two pairs of fabulous footwear that I am absolutely in love with....and they fit!!! YAY!

So I'm a bit slow off the mark. Bit I got there. I found some.
Slip ons have been all the rage this autumn/winter. They are everywhere, and why not. Comfortable and stylish all in one, who wouldn't?! My white pony hair slip ons are a dream. 
My hunt started a while back, but I couldn't quite find what I was looking for. Those that I did love like Celine, were out of price range, or like Steve Madden's leopard print version, just didn't fit. Zara's shoes are not always the best fit on my so I was happily surprised. 

The time had come to replace last years battered boots with these luxe leather track sole booties, again from Zara. Prefect for wintry weather and as far as aesthetics, these booties certainly look the part. Although they look high for everyday, they are super comfortable. 
I was sold on these from the first time I opened the box, (yes there is a but coming)...BUT one thing I find a little irritating is that the leather gets a little excess creasing and wear because you have to slip your feet in and out. Nothing a little leather softener and protector won't fit, but that's just me.

Hugs (it's National Hug Day today x),

Tan xx



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