Sister Sister

Topshop - Leather Jacket 
New Look - Cami
Zara - Jeans 

I wore this a few weekends ago now, for Sunday brunch with the girls as we bid farewell to Amy who has now returned to the distant land of Oz (Australia). Sad to be saying goodbye to everyone as they jet off back home, until I realised in just 2 weeks I'll soon be doing the same, leaving for Malawi where I will be living for three months.  
One person I will definitely miss is my mischievous other half, and partner in sister! Having a sister is great not only because I always have someone to wind up, but given that we are the same size we can share clothes :D!
Her leather jacket was perfect to finish this outfit. Even with the extraordinarily warm and sunny weather that is currently April, I have to sometimes remember that we are still in London so a jacket is definitely needed.  


Tan xx



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