DIY Friendship Bracelets

Sorry I have been a little abcent this week, but I promise it will all be worth it!
I have been tirelessly working on my fundrasing target for my Malawi, my "Miles & Smiles in Malawi" blog, packing, and of course my baby "Street & Rail".
You should be very excited because I have built up a huge backlog of posts, just to keep you special people busy and entertained with weekly installments of Street & Rail while I'm away!

In the meantime, inspired by my team mates off to Malawi with me, these are wonderful little homemade accessories that can brighten up any outfit for your spring or summer wardrobe. Even better you can personalise them yourselves using what ever colour, stings and patterns you like.

Have a *roaring* weekend hehe 

Tan xx



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