Summer's in the Bag

Hand cream? Check. Dry Shampoo? Check. Sunnies? Lip Balm? Hair Glitter, snacks, tissues, jewellery? Oh I’m afraid we’re all out of space people. Turns out that the Mary popping bag doesn’t actually exist. Could you believe?!  

Marc b’s Ellie bag comes mighty close though. The ongoing parade that is summer is ever filled with days out in the sunshine and the wild inflation of festival fever. At the least you’re going to want a whole lot of stuff to make sure you survive. I've been teaming up with Marc B to share my take on a fun festival look and multi-purpose approach to accessorising. The Ellie bag fills the bill on a number of fronts, more so for its versatility.

I think sheer was made for festivals so I’ve opted for a vintage long sleet overlay and lace bralet for added subtle flirty detail on a perfect pair of cargo shorts. In the bag goes hair glitter and transferable metallic stickers that finish the look with a few festival necessities in the edit above. Just need to grab my camera and a decent sized sharing bag of crisps all for myself and run ;)

It's time ladies to find yourself's that perfect bag like me!
Tan xx 

Photo's by: My Marvellous Mama / Sponsored Post 



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