Crinkle Cut

Culottes - Topshop // Tee - Zara // Jacket - Topshop // Heels - TK Maxx

If you haven’t already noticed, Culottes have come back with a bang. They have done so every spring for the past two years and so my never ending love for culottes continues. Actually its fueling a compelling desire to purchase one in every variation of cut and colour. I have issues I know!

Speaking of cut - my most recent addition comes in true 80’s spirit in the most beautiful crinkle cut metallic pleat, also purchased in a stunning antique silver. The magical word this season being metallic. 
Working in a corporate environment, weekday outfits are straight cut and structured. Craving comfort on the weekends this look is styled for just that. Enough of a statement piece, the culottes alone are enough to keep this looks dressy and chic...even teamed with a tee, the leather jacket just adds edge for good measure!! Throw on some heels and it's ready set go! If your after a more relaxed look, swap the heels for trainers, and your ready to run. My personal favourites for this looks are these black suede pumas.

Happy Thursday - kisses....
Tan xx



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