Countryside Escape

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I am strong believer in the idea that although many of our traits occur are as a result of nature, we are sculpted by the people and places around us. Early interactions have the ability to shape your view of your surroundings for the rest of your life. I have been blessed in the sense that I have a number of avenues in which I can pursue my passions, and get to meet some amazing people on the way. Fast approaching my mid-twenty something every experience so far has just confirmed this. More recently I have learned to appreciate the value of taking time out for yourself (without feeling guilty), making time for those you care about most, creating your own luck and the harsh reality of judgement.
Having always been a city chick and as exciting as it is I find it hard to turn off my brain which often tends to run laps around my limited stores of energy. There eventually comes a time that the knots in my neck no longer allow me to sit at my laptop, but instead urge me to commit to the timeless ways of nature. 

*queue Road trip*  
Making full advantage of the long bank holiday weekend, I jumped straight into the car and headed to the closest “middle-of-nowhere” destination. One magical countryside escape! We stopped in a small idyllic town between the Hambleden Valleys of the Chiltern Hills. I cannot explain how refreshing the experience was. Surrounded by budding bells scattered across the woodland floor and knowing there was absolutely nothing but the wind and birds running through the trees around me.
Back in London en route to Norwich for work, the city pace has once again caught up with me and I’m down with the flu and a throat infection rolled into one.  Just My Luck!

Happy Thursday
Tan xx



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