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In its physical form the Curveball is know as a type of pitch in baseball. A fast pitched softball thrown with a characteristic grip and movement that imparts forward spin on the ball, causing it to fur into a downwards path as it approaches the plate. The curve of a ball varies upon the pitcher. Their unique grip and the instinctive variants of expression that translate motion into a deviation from the predicted path. 
The pitcher at the top of the throwing arc will snap the arm and wrist. As the ball first leaves contact with the thumb, it tumbles over the index finger imparting the forward. All four seams rotate in the direction of the flight path, much like that's of fate destiny.

Metaphorically this  Curveball relates to that of life. The pitcher, the grip and the motions, are the decision each individual makes on their very unique journey. The ball etching it way down a path destined by an uncontrollable series of events, emotions and reactions unique to the pitcher.
When you're stood angled slightly to the right with your head tilted to get a better view of what's in front of you and hands outstretched towards the centre… It's that unexpected that seems to come sleeping at you from left field when you least expect it!  
It’s funny how things change in an instant!
It's much like the weather of late! It was just a few weeks ago that we were having a heatwave and now look… the chilly breeze has everyone digging out the winter essentials… knitted jumpers at the ready!

Before you have a chance to think too much about the theory I have over complicated with words…. its not to say Curveballs are bad news! 
Last night I got two big bundles of brilliant news in one full sweep …..left-field and least expected, but no less amazing! Take your guesses below ;) 

And before we embark on the winter essentials he is one last toast to sunshine.

Tan xx



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