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Jumpsuit - Forever 21

Marrakech is one of those magical places that I simply can’t get enough of. The colors… the textures… the food…. the culture, all make an amazing recipe for a destination unlike another. The visual stimulation as you look around at handcrafted intricacies and breathtaking scenery only leaves you craving more.

If you've ever been, you will already be familiar with the woven web of interlinked streets that all look the same. If you haven't been - now you will! Time to embrace the inevitable... you are going to get lost! So enjoy it! 

Weaving through a maze of sunlit passages was made much easier wearing this jumpsuit! Long, comfortable and floaty proved perfect for exploring (aka getting lost) in the heat - that and it didn't stick to me as clothes often with the sun blazing down. 
Cool, clean and simple it's a perfect piece for the capsule cabin bag that I posted here. I couldn't ask for anything more against the amazing details of the city. 

Hope your wrapped up warm - Happy Thursday!
Tan xx



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