Chasing Sun // Seeking Shade

Like with most things I don't ever seem to know what I want. I'm that person that could make choosing lunch seem like a life changing decision...  there's a big difference between Salmon/Avocado and Avocado/Salmon I'll have you know ;)

One thing that always makes giggle is my crave for sunshine. 
I'm niggled by that never ending urge to chase the sun around the world and yet once I get there I do everything in my power to seek out shade. Luckily for me Shade Bathing happens a thing these days...
For when Melbourne's spectacular skyscrapers didn't shade me, I was well prepared and had the shade follow me, yep you read correctly...follow me(!) in the form of a wide brimmed hat a.k.a my personal protective sun cloud!

Keep Dreaming!
Tan xx



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