Fashion: The Fast & Frantic

There are admittedly a few things in the world that I absolutely cannot live without and along with travelling, the build up at atmosphere that follows this month is one. 
As the fashion month buzz begins a few thousand miles away in New York, it's always inevitably exciting and highly addictive. The closest its comes to words is being a small child in a city made of you find me a kids that wouldn't Love that! Not possible, I Know!

A huge hurrah to all the big name bloggers that survive a manic month. A fast paced frantic dash between shows, events, presentations and posts. Hands up to the amazingly talented designers that spend months creating wondrous art forms, only to feature on the catwalk for mere minutes. 
If you've ever been backstage (or seen my snapchat @tani911), you'll know how hours pass by in seconds and its 7 people to one model when it comes close to show time. The work that goes into garments, shows, presentations, style is simply unimaginable, and I leave with a seasons worth of inspiration.

Is it any surprise I'm anything other than awed every season?!

Tan xx



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