There's an instant kick of adrenaline when you arrive in a new place, bouncing from place to place with endless enthusiasm exploring the historic landmarks that shape a new, intriguing skyline sat above the horizon. 
My favourite area of this medieval city was Grassmarket. Minutes from the famous Royal Mile, its a hive of activity and offers a stunning view of the castle towering above. It hosts the cutest independent stores, little local eateries and plenty of places to wine and dine.
True to form, Edinburgh showered us in rainy appreciation but shelter wasn't hard to find in the maze of hidden cobbled passages and side streets. 

Packing for this kind of weather is something I've always struggled with, admittedly because I tend to over-pack in general but also because cosy to me, translates as chunky knit!! Challenge accepted - time to dig out my oversized ASOS jumper from here
This outfit was just what I was after! Layered for the vast difference in indoor/outdoor temperatures, mildly waterproof (a.k.a rain defence), and wrapped in a blanket scarf to protect me from the blistering winds. All the comfort I need for a day of exploring and stylish enough for an evening of entertainment ;)

This ones a staple and easy to recreate...
Just give it a go.
Tan xx



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