In-Flight Essential

Got that oh so familiar anxiously excited feeling you get before travelling. Anxious in case I've forgotten something despite having packed and re-packed every day for a week (yes I know! I have issues). Excited because I'll be exploring a whole new city, only a stones-throw from home but somewhere I've always wanted to go none the less. 
Domestic or Long haul - any flight could be an absolute nightmare if you forget the in-flight essentials. I've touched on toiletries and airborne skincare here before, but this is the bare minimum I tend to travel with be it 6 days or 6 weeks.

Edinburgh here I come! 

Make sure to join me on the journey up to Edinburgh Castle and down the Royal Mile stuffing myself with  traditional Neeps & Tatties, shortbread and a much loved coffee while I'm there on Instagram: @tanushrid, twitter: @tanushri_d & SnapChat @tani911.

Have a Marvellous Easter Weekend

Tan xx



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