Throw & Go

Jeans - H&M
Loafers - TK Maxx
Top - Vintage
Coat - Forever 21
Scraf - H&M 

Keeping things short & sweet this week, checking in to say 'Hi Guys!'
We all have those days, (or weeks in this case) where you seem to have absolutely no time to do anything, let alone choose what to wear.
This is one solves that dilemma, you can throw this on and go. 

Oh trusty black jeans where would I be without you! You have saved my life on many occasions! 
Paired with a simple top. Any top...any colour and any shape, any size. That's the brilliant thing about this outfit...everything and anything goes. Minimal thinking required, just what we need!
Just to jazz things up I've paired this one with pointed toe, patent loafers. They are a gorgeous new addition to the shoe section of the wardrobe and I don't think  I could love them more. 

Bye Bunnies 

Tan xx



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