Barefoot Wonderer

Crop - Primark
Trousers - Vintage

Shoes are a funny thing for me because although I do absolutely love them, I hate wearing them just as much! If I had my way I would have a shoe wall for admiration purposes only. Sadly walking around barefoot is not an option in London so I made good use of the weekend (and the perky spring weather) to mooch around the garden (minus footwear of course), whilst the rest of the women in the family bustle around the kitchen.

The men in my family are outnumbered by women to say the least, but this just mean I have that many more clothes at my fingertips. Over the years I have discovered plenty of hidden treasures at the back of their wardrobes, and that's exactly how I stumbled upon these stunning silk trousers. Wide leg is just my thing, and teamed with a fitted, cropped tee it's also right on track for a great outfit. In a beautiful dusty lilac this is perfect for a seamless spring/summer appearance.

Have a Great Day!

Tan xx 



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