Sunday Polish - Daisy Chains

 Essie - Blanc 
Sephora - Yellow Umbrella 
Seche Vite - Fast Dry Top Coat

Spring is one of my favourite times of year, not only because I'm a spring baby, but after the cold wintery weather theres nothing quite like sunny days and blossoming flowers. As children we had so much fun playing the the grass, rolling around and making chains. Inspired by the tiny white flowers, I've come up with a fresh and flowery nail art idea

Pretty and feminine, fitting for spring. Nothing too perfected, with scattered daisies and pretty white petals. Simple paint on a asterix (*) star shape with a nail art brush or fine paint brush. Then using a dotting tool, or the very corner of the nail varnish brush carefully place a dot of yellow into the centre of each Asterix shape to create the flowers. Finished with a clear top coat your ready to go.

Have fun in the Sun.

Tan xx



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