Sunday Polish - Sole Mate

Essie - Sole Mate 

In the mood for a dark polish this week, so I went for Essie Sole Mate. From the bottle I wasn't quite sure how this would turn out. Most dark colours appear almost black, however Sole Mate, no matter what the lighting conditions, is always obviously a rich deep plum with red undertones....and for that reason it has taken Luxedo's title as "Go-to-dark-polish"!

I am absolutely in Love(!) with this colour, and is perfect when you're looking for something a little more alluring.
With the consistency appearing a little thin, I initially thought that I would need three coats, but after two it was polish perfection. 
Also being naturally glossy, I didn't need a top coat and it proved to be pretty long lasting with only barely noticeable tip-wear after five days. 

Take Care

Tan xx



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