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Lattitude Global Volunteering Nails

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ICS nails
Inspired by my "Sunday Polish" feature, and all of these "No-Makeup Selfies" I think its about time everyone shared my love of beautifully polished nails. 

As you may know I am off to Malawi for three months as a volunteer. To reach my £800 fundraising target, over the next three weeks, I will be lending my services to everyone and everyone looking to get a fabulous nail-makeover and all from only £5. 
I am happy to do absolutely anything you want on your nails (I love a bit of nail art), and you'll have exclusive access to my collection of Essie nail polish's.

 Sounds great right....well it gets even better...... 
It's a manicure with a difference because ALL proceeds  go to charity!

You will be left polished to perfection, and can leave knowing you've potentially made a lasting difference in the life of a smalll child living in poverty in Malawi.
If ever there was an excuse to get your nail's done, this is the prefect one.

Polish Change - £5
Full Manicure - Shape & Polish £7

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