Sunday Polish: "Missed a bit" in Midnight

Essie Midnight Cami

On one of the rare occasion that strangers in London actually communicate, it seems as though it was just to point out that " [I've] missed  a bit". It wasn't till I realised they were talking about my nails that we shared a laugh after I'd explained it was actually done on purpose.

Last weeks French manicure left me feeling very feminine for this week so I've gone for a confident, quirky nail in the hopes that this too would rub off.
Like that in a french manicure, I wanted to leave some of the natural nail using a more modern twist and it seems to have worked. 

My nails are completely random, painted in a diagonal streak leaving different amounts of each nail bare. Not only is it lots of fun but also looks great
I did this free hand using the nail varnish brush, but it you find this difficult use a small paint brush to mark out the lines and fill any small sections.


Tan xx

P.S Base coat is Essential with this colours, otherwise prepare for the Nightmare(!!!) that is removing it!



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