Sunday Polish: Triple Triangle

 Essie - Hi Maintenance (Pink)
Essie - Tie the Knot (Gold)
Sephora - Money Maker L18 (Grey)
Spangles - Black
Spangles Nail Art Pen - Black & Gold 

Left inspired by the print I'd seen on a strangers shirt on my travels earlier in the week, I decided to try and replicate this on my nails. 
It's a shame I couldn't get a picture of the shirt to show you guys, because I think it came out quite well.

This is much easier to do than it looks, even for those that don't usually attempt nail art. 
First start by painting each half of your nails in your chosen colours. If your doing the same as me, you would paint half the little nail pink, and the other half gold, half the ring finger grey and the other half so on.

When this layer dries, using a nail art pen or fine brush, paint a line drown the middle of the nail starting from the centre running to the end of the nail. 

Then paint two lines outwards to create a triangle...a bit like drawing the the peace sign.

When this dries fill the triangle with the last of the three colours and finish with a layer of top coat for a longer lasting finish.

If you have a go, I'd love to see!! (Instagram: @tanushrid Twitter: tanushri_d) 


Tan xx



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