My New Do!


As of last Monday, I am now sporting a much shorter hair cut.

I visited Radio Hair Salon in Shoreditch, for what I thought was to be a style and blow dry, then a glowing review.
I ended up being talked into a trim, only I would never have agreed, knowing how much they would end up taking off. 
I have gone from 23 inches to just 16, and their reaction seemed to be nothing more than.....
"Oh well, it's done now, nothing we can do!"

Although this came as quite a shock, I was mostly disappointed! I had been planning a big cut in December, to which I was going to donate any money raised, as well as my hair, to the Little Princess Trust
Little Princess Trust is a charity that provides real hair wigs to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have sadly lost their hair to cancer. 

Thanks to Radio Hair Salon, and their Scissor Happy staff I am now unable to do this, but it doesn't look too bad so time to embrace my newer shorter do....and who knows, I may even go shorter if it's for a good cause!

Love Tan xx



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