Sunday Polish - Psychedelic Marbling

Essie - Watermelon
Orange, it's Obvious!
Midnight Cami

This weeks nails are 70's inspired in the hope that they will last till Saturday for a 70's themed birthday.

If you want to try this, I should warn you before hand that this takes a lot of time achieve and is very messy...but the end result is definitely worth it!

I started with a white base (Essie - Blanc) so that the colour were more vivid. Being very impatient, I also missed the last step which is why mine look a bit crazy :/...I will probably try again next week or when I have more time.

This technique is called water marbling. 
You add alternate drops of nail polish into the centre of a bowl of water until you have about three rings of each colour, or enough to cover the nail surface. 
Using a toothpick, drag the outside colours towards the centre, (this creates the swirly pattern), stopping when your happy.. 
Carefully dip your finger, nail facing down, into the section of pattern you want.
Keep your finger submerged in the bowl of water and use a cotton bud to remove the left over polish in the water. If you remove your finger without doing this you will get a double layer of pattern.  

Your finger will be covered in polish so be prepared for the clean up. Alternatively you can cover the skin around the nail in Vaseline, oil, or tape to prevent this (I used tape). 

Have Fun...

Tan xx



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