Louise Gray AW13

Shuttling around the city last week, in my usual hectic manner, I spent the majority of my time caught in ill-timed rain showers and people traffic. 
After catching a glimpse of a woman weaving through the crowd in her Louboutin Pigalles and DIY plastic bag hat during Wednesdays rush hour, it seems I wasn't the only one.

This reminded me of Louise Gray's last collection which featured bin bag hats created by Stephen Jones. Amidts the tasteful good sense of the many catwalks we've seen, this AW13 show was some what of a refreshing change, with its whisk earrings, toilet-roll brooch, and dresses patched together with tinfoil. She has previously commented that she's "into recycling. It's a nice concept", which seems to have been a huge part of her inspiration for the aw13 collection. 

With insanity as the theme, Louise Gray definitely did her all to embody this paining together unusual garments and clashy pattern. Loud and proud, not a collection for the faint hearted but hats off to her, if not a little crazy, it surely was a great one. 

She injects that well needed sense of fun back into fashion....isn't that what this is all about?! However do not mistake fun for easy, if not it makes things all the more harder, and the incredible handiwork that has gone into creating each look speaks for itself.

Take Care

Tan xx



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